domingo, 12 de octubre de 2014

Things 500 days of Summer taught us

Nowadays love is portrayed by the media in many ways. When we are little we discover this misterious box that plays hundreds of images with cartoons in them called "TV". We start watching it for hours, days and weeks, hypnotised by it. And thats how we discover Disney. Our world fills itself with those beautiful princesses and charming princes. We found out that just by looking at another person's eyes you can fall madly in love with them. And nothing will ever interfire between the two of you, no fighting no hearbreaks, nothing. Simple and easy.
But then we grow up, we start secundary school and we discover Hollywood movies; The princes and princesses are turned into real people. Beautiful men and women who meet one day and as simple and easy as it was before, they fall in love. Although it takes them more than just looking to their eyes, obviously. Maybe a day or two?
We discover that couples do have fights, but hey! One or two, dont worry! As soon as its fixed everything comes down to normal and you end up having that "happily ever after" you searched for through your whole life!
But then it hits you. Sharp and heavy. That guy who you fell in love with rejects you, even though you have the same taste in music, even when he said "Hi" to you the other day. He turned you down and you have no clue why. You start asking yourself questions: is it that im not enough? am I pretty even though I don't look like those gorgerous girls in the movies? Is it my fault?
No, it's not.
The real question you should be asking yourself is: have I done something wrong? Because yep, my friend, you have. But instead of explaining it all by myself I'm gonna let 500 Days of Summer do the job for me.

Yeah, maybe the guy you like is into the same music you are, but that doesn't mean you're soul mates.

But hey! That doesn't mean you shouldn't try to get him either!

Ask him out!
But if things don't work out as planned, remember expectations and reality do not go in the same page

But who cares?, you never really liked him that much, you can always come back to be the happy person you were some days ago...

But if things do work out for you, make sure that before falling madly in love with your new sweetheart you actually know how HE feels.
Or you might end up like Tom...

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